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How 10th Place Chelsea Could Secure a Spot in the 2024/2025 Champions League



How 10th Place Chelsea Could Secure a Spot in the 2024/2025 Champions League

With the recent official confirmation of the new format for all UEFA competitions, speculation has arisen regarding whether London-based Chelsea can qualify for the Champions League. Here’s why we believe the Blues might secure a spot in Europe next season.

On Monday, March 4, 2024, the governing body of European Football UEFA, via an official announcement confirmed that all UEFA competitions will be getting a new structure, with a huge spotlight on the Champions League primarily as it would give an avenue for clubs that fail to qualify for the top four an opportunity to still qualify for the competition.

What is the new format of the Champions League like?

Starting from the 2024/25 season, 36 clubs will participate in a league phase and not the previous group phase of the tournament. This allows for four more teams to participate. Under the new format, the 36 clubs will compete in a single league competition. During the league phase, each team will play eight matches, four of which will be played at home and the other four away. To determine the eight different opponents, the teams will initially be ranked in four seeding pots. Every team will be drawn to play two opponents from each of the four seeding pots, playing one match against a team from each pot at home and one away.

Can Chelsea still qualify for the Champions League next season?

With Chelsea currently in the 10th position on the Premier League standings, the chances of the former champions returning to Europe for the Champions League are slim however with four extra slots now open ahead of the 2024/2025, there is a small glimpse of hope of the club qualifying. With England currently possessing one of the most dominant leagues in football history at the moment the chances of the usual four slots being increased to five is almost certain. This takes away the debate of the battle for the top four and extends it to the top five.

Chelsea would have to dig deep and fight for a fifth-place finish if there would be any chances of Mauricio Pochettino’s men returning to Europe. This would be an uphill task for the boys in Blue but with the Champions League taking on a new format all bets are off and the competition is poised to be the biggest yet.