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Mauricio Pochettino Calls for Realism Among Chelsea Supporters



Mauricio Pochettino Calls for Realism Among Chelsea Supporters

Mauricio Pochettino, Manager of Chelsea, Urges Club Supporters to Temper Expectations Regarding Current Players’ Performance

The Argentine international was speaking in a post-match press conference after Chelsea advanced to the FA Cup round of 16 beating Aston Villa 3-1 in a replay match at the Villa Park. According to him, Chelsea is not at the same level that they were in the past and this is one thing that the supporters must realise.

“The fans were fantastic. With this connection, only good things can happen. We need to stop thinking we are the Chelsea from the last 20 years because we are not this Chelsea. We need to move on.”

He also reacted to the performance of Enzo Fernandez who has been rumoured to want to leave Chelsea because of the team’s bad form.

“Today, we live in an era where it is easy to give abuse to the public people. It’s normal that the players are human, they’re not robots. It’s too easy to abuse today. We need to understand we are playing football. Of course, this type of situation makes us hungry, situations that are completely unfair.

Chelsea play Leeds United in the fifth round of the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge.