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9 Spiritual Things that will get you Rich Easily



Spiritual Things that will get you Rich Easily
  1.  Not count your cash. Counting make it less.
  2. Don’t store money, think how you could make extra money by spending the money you have. Believe in money movement. Saving makes you miser.
  3. Plan to return 5% of profit again to society – This is God’s financial institution account which gives guaranteed earnings. Your consistency is the important thing.
  4. If God has taken some of your money back out from your expectation (Car repair, hospital visits and so on), you’re not spending cash as per God’s expectation (spending on poor, family, orphans, widows, and so on.)
  5. Never ask a person to offer you money unless it’s is extremely needed. People who need to be dependent on others, God continues to make them dependent on others. Manage your cash properly so you don’t have to ask someone.
  6. If you’ve got taken loan from a person, pay it lower back ASAP. If you postpone it deliberately, you’re delaying your benefits and setting yourself more closer to challenges and complications
  7. Are you worried (jealous) about others being rich, stop it.
  8. Always try to have excellent intentions. For example: what’s would you do if God gives you a hundred thousand? Spend on yourself? Save for destiny? Spend to your Wife & Kids? Remember, you wont be wealthy in case you do not allocate money on your dad and mom and society.
  9. Make massive social plans (faculties, hospitals, antique-age-houses). God gives benefits if you have wonderful intentions for His creature.
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