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Kanayo Kanayo’s cryptic response to Portable’s ritualist tag: “Let’s meet at 2am”



Kanayo Kanayo's cryptic response to Portable's ritualist tag: "Let's meet at 2am"

Actor Kanayo Kanayo’s response to singer Portable’s recent declaration on ritual has caught the attention of many.

It all began when Portable boldly proclaimed himself as the new ‘Kanayo Kanayo’, with insinuations that the controversial singer’s statement was an endorsement of unconventional methods for acquiring wealth.

Kanayo simply relied: “My brother Zaazuu, let’s meet at 2 am. #inthezooooo”

Kanayo, recognized for his memorable portrayals of money ritual-related characters on screen, apparently took notice of Portable’s claims. In an intriguing move, Portable professed himself as a ritualist and even asserted that he was the rightful heir to Kanayo‘s ritual crowns.

Furthermore, Portable shockingly suggested that resorting to ritualistic practices was a superior choice given the inevitability of death. This assertion stirred strong reactions from the public and fans alike.

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