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Kizz Daniel’s #LieChallenge, Poco Lee, others blow up TikTok



Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel

Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel

Every month, users of popular video-sharing social networking service, TikTok find something to trend, either a challenge or a sound that is fun which they can really get into.

This month is no different with the breakout of the #ComotBodyJoor trend has been reflected on TikTok.

The local lip-sync and dance challenge originating from popular dancer Poco Lee has been one of the biggest sounds and trendsetters on TikTok of late.

Poco_Lee is dancing his way to TikTok fame

Poco Lee and Kizz Daniel

Street pop music has grown in popularity in Nigeria, with some unique dance steps and routines making the rounds.

One of the most popular content creators to emerge from this wave is Poco Lee, who has received praise for his high-octane dance style and infectious personality.

Lately on TikTik, Poco_lee has been dancing his way to fame to the beat of the “Comot Body Joor” trend. Poco already has over 450K followers on TikTok as well as over 1M likes across his videos.

BeeautyGoddess embodies TikTok connectivity with inclusive content

Boasting ancestry from Nigeria and Ghana, BeeautyGoddess is one of the latest creators to achieve fame in recent months.

This creator expertly combines various forms of meme culture, including duets, singalongs, and skits to appeal to a diverse audience.

She also uses the medium to share her experiences while hanging out with friends and meeting fans from her TikTok community.

BeeautyGoddess has more than 900k followers and has received 10M likes across all of her fun, energetic videos.

Viral Sounds

The #ComotBodyJoor trend is a local lip-sync and dance challenge originating from popular dancer Poco Lee. It started when the music video was posted on a fan account for music icon, Wizkid.

It was an instant viral hit, and Poco Lee jumped at the chance to include it in videos for his TikTok account. Not only can he can be seen doing the challenge, but he also invites others to join in.

The trend has garnered over 37M views since it launched and has over 70k video creations.


Inspired by “Lie,” the comeback single of Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel, the #LieTrend is a lip-sync challenge combined with elements of dance. Kizz Daniel has shared multiple videos of himself participating in the challenge on his TikTok account, further inspiring more users to join the trend! These videos have just over 270k video creations. Hop on too!

TikTok launches new resources to support our community’s well-being

At TikTok, we care deeply about our community and are always looking for new ways in which we can nurture their well-being. On Tuesday, we announced a package of new changes to make it easier for people to access independent resources when they need them on TikTok.

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