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Reason Why I will never sleep with a man – Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Laments (Video)



Reason Why I will never sleep with a man - Temmie Ovwasa YBNL Princess Laments

Singer Temmie Ovwasa, known for her openness about being a lesbian, has grabbed the spotlight as she shared her reasons for abstaining from heterosexual encounters on social media.

In a widely circulated video which garnered support and piqued the public’s interest, the 27 years old, Ovwasa proudly declared that she had never experienced a pregnancy scare because of her sexual orientation. This revelation sparked conversations about societal expectations concerning one’s sexual orientation.

Ovwasa’s journey in the Nigerian music industry has been far from smooth. Notably, she recently made headlines for speaking out about her experiences with the YBNL record label, owned by Olamide. During this time, she also brought attention to her allegations against Olamide‘s wife.

She claimed to have been mistreated and publicly humiliated by Olamide’s spouse, who, according to her, made derogatory comments about her humble background from Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

Critics believe that her allegations shed light on the challenges faced by artistes who may feel marginalized or disrespected within the music industry.

Additionally, Ovwasa shared that she had recorded over 25 songs, only to have them misplaced by the label. Despite five years with YBNL, she had managed to release just four songs under their banner.

In response to the widespread attention her allegations garnered, Ovwasa clarified that Olamide had never physically or sexually assaulted her.

She affirmed that her intention was to highlight issues related to her music career, the lack of structure within the label, and her personal experiences with Olamide’s wife.

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