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These 30 Memes Would Surely Put a Smile on Your Face.



A healthy laughter is always good for the heart, brain, and to relieve stress. Below are 30 memes that would surely put a smile on your face.

When you used to hear American accent inside the womb, so you can’t understand what you are doing in Nigeria. Welcome to reality.

The liver knows it is alrady in trouble.

Lol. Don’t try my Yoruba people when it comes to partying.

When they use weed instead of thyme in jellof rice.

So you want to prove that you are no more a baby.

But this is not fair, lol.

Like why can’t I just read it once and be done with it?

Just don’t sneeze close to me if you don’t want problem. Corona Virus is no joke.

When your mum asks for her change from 4 days ago.

When the exam invigilator singles you out and separates you from the formation. This is so frustrating.

I am definitely not waking you up. When you get up, meet me at home.

Running is not an option, just kneel down and start pleading.

That awkward moment.

This is what we call Typical African mum response.

It normally looks like they know when you are expecting alert, that is when they will start flooding your phone with those sms.

Hoe girls be when they are about to twerk.

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