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‘Dele Alake Said Tinubu Wants To Pay N5000 Each To 50 Million Nigerians As Palliative’ – Joe Ajaero



'Dele Alake Said Tinubu Wants To Pay N5000 Each To 50 Million Nigerians As Palliative' – Joe Ajaero

The NLC, TUC, and The Federal Government met on Wednesday after President Bola Tinubu declared in his inauguration that fuel subsidy is gone. CONTINUE READING>>>

Less than 48 hours after President Tinubu’s statement, the NNPC increased the fuel price to 550 naira per liter. An action that the NLC has kicked and spoken against after a meeting that ended in a deadlock with the Federal Government.

The Nigeria Labour Congress President, Joe Ajaero has alleged that a representative of the Presidency, Dele Alake had revealed the palliative intention of the President. CONTINUE READING>>>


He asserted that the President intends to distribute 5000 naira each to 50 million Nigerians as a palliative measure to suffice the pain. He however argued that the NLC and the TUC kicked against this initiative during the meeting. He stated outrightly that they asked questions about the former appropriation for Oil subsidy in June. According to him, the government is yet to reach an agreement with the NLC on the issues raised. 

He said, ”We expected them to explain what the increase in fuel price by NNPC meant. And that was the conversation and Dele Alake told us Tinubu want to pay N5000 each to 50 million Nigerians as palliatives for empowerment. CONTINUE READING>>>


But we asked a lot of questions on the issue of appropriation which the previous government made and which was supposed to end by the end of June. And they didn’t give us any answer to that. We spoke about the previous agreement on refineries to work and there was no answer.”

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