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Take a look at 13 things that happened in 2012 when Chelsea won the UCL that have happened in 2021



Chelsea won UCL in 2012 and see What happen in 2021

Although fate, history and football might not be traceable to each other, But football fans won’t stop dreaming that past events, which has now happened again will guarantee that the success they had at one time will come again. The above illustration can be said to be exactly what most Chelsea fans are thinking about right now, as they believe their team will win this Season’s champions league,not because they have a better squad or are experienced, but rather due to things that has happened in the past, that is now repeating itself.

Basically, there are 13 different events that took place in 2012, which has repeat itself or set to take place now in 2021, which will be looked at in this article. All these and many other reasons have made most Chelsea fans dreaming of champions league glory again.

However, it remains to be seen, if all those past events that took place in 2012, and have replicated itself in 2021, means Chelsea will overcome Zidane and his experienced squad, with their champions league record, or Manchester city and PSG and their expensively assembled squad.

Below are 13 events that took place 9years ago, when Chelsea last won the UCL, that have happened or is about to happen in 2021.

1. In 2012, Chelsea had a 29years old goalkeeper Petr Cech, who was signed from Rennes. This year too, Chelsea have a 29years old Edourd Mendy, who was also signed from Rennes.

2. The Spanish cup final in 2012, was between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona, today which is 17th day of April 2021, Barcelona will be competing with Athletic Bilbao for the Spanish cup again.

3. Thomas Tuchel birthday is on the 29th of a month, in 2012 too, Chelsea’s UCL winning manager, Roberto Di Matteo had his birthday on the 29th of a month too.

4. Di Matteo’s birthday was on the 29th of May. This year’s champions league final too, Will take place on the 29th of May.

5. In 2012, Messi lost a penalty in a champions league Knockout stage, this year, Messi missed a penalty against PSG, in the round of 16.

6. In October 2011/2012 season, Manchester united lost a game 6-1 and had a man sent off, this season in October, Manchester united lost 6-1 to Tottenham, and had a man sent off.

7. The last time Chelsea played Pep Guardiola in the semi final, They won the double. The double was in 2012, and it was a FA cup and Champions league trophies. Chelsea will be playing Man city in FA cup semi final today.

8. Chelsea captain and legend, John Terry, was 31 years old in 2012. In 2021, Chelsea captain, Ceasar Azpilicueta is 31years old too.

9. In 2012, John Terry, who was Chelsea’s most Senior CB at the time was injured in the round of 16. In 2021, Thiago Silva who is Chelsea’s most Senior CB was injured in the Round of 16 tie.

10. In 2012, Didier Drogba scored 6goals, 2headers, 3 with his left foots and 1 with his right foot. In 2021, Olivier Giroud has scored 6goals for Chelsea in the champions league, 2headers, 3 with his left foots, and 1 with his right foot.

11. The last time Chelsea conceded 5goals at Stamford bridge. In 2021, they conceded 5goals when they lost at home to West Bromwich Albion.

12. In 2012, Roberto Di Matteo after 14games had 71.4% win rate. In 2021, Thomas Tuchel after 14 games has 71.4% win rate.

13. In 2012, Chelsea faced a Spanish side in the Semi final, after defeating a Portuguese side, in the quarter final. In 2021, Chelsea will face a Spanish side in the semi final having defeated a Portuguese side in the quarter final .

Will all these happenings become a coincidence or it will spur Chelsea to another UCL glory?

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