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Choosing the Best Sports Betting Site: A Guide



Choosing the Best Sports Betting Site: A Guide

The Top Unrestricted Non-GamStop Bookmakers: Offering Comprehensive Player Needs

Bonuses and Free Bets

Free bets, bonuses and other promotions are commonplace these days. Non GamStop bookmakers have to work to get you as a customer. In short, there are many non GamStop bookmakers who want you as a customer. Because you cannot place bets with all these bookmakers at the same time, a bookmaker must come up with an attractive offer. 

Nowadays this is usually done through bonuses and other promotions. The most common bonuses are welcome or deposit bonuses. Some of the gambling sites also offer free bets.

Almost every non GamStop gambling site or betting site has a long list of conditions that you must meet before the bonus can be paid out in euros. The best bookmakers without GamStop where you can place sports bets are less strict in this area. For example, these websites do not expect you to wager your bonus dozens of times or use it for specific competitions. We advise you to always read the terms and conditions of a bonus thoroughly before you decide to use a bonus.

License & Security

Bookmakers must meet all the conditions of the Gaming Authorities before they are even eligible for a license. The supply of non GamStop bookmakers is therefore much smaller than the supply of non-legal, bookmakers. 

Why wouldn’t you try your chances with an unlicensed bookmaker? Then you have much more choice! And yes, there are some other minor advantages to betting with an unlicensed bookmaker, but if you ask us, they don’t outweigh the benefits of betting with a licensed legal bookmaker. For your convenience, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of betting with a legal bookmaker:

Opportunities & Prizes

For many experienced gamblers, the odds and bonuses offered play a key role in choosing a provider. If a non GamStop provider is unable to offer attractive odds, there is a good chance that many experienced players will avoid this provider. Nowadays there are many providers who want to bring you in as a player. Because many players look at the odds, it is not uncommon to see higher odds with one provider than with another.

It is not only the odds where these differences are clearly present. The offer is also an area where our experts see that it has a great influence on the choice of players. When the offer is insufficient, for example because a sport such as basketball or hockey is missing, players quickly avoid a provider.

Another way an offer can differ is in the number of bets available for a particular match. Many players want to be able to make more bets than just winning or losing. You can think of the number of goals in a football match or the number of points scored by the point guard in basketball.

Live Streams

For certain players, the thrill lies in being able to follow the match live and placing bets at the same time. Based on what happens during the match, these players place a bet. This is why non GamStop bookmakers are increasingly offering live streaming of matches. Unfortunately, it is usually mandatory to have your own account with which you have previously placed a bet


As a player you can expect quite a bit from a non GamStop bookmaker these days. You deserve the best experience if the gambling site wants to bring you in as a player. This should make it immediately clear where you can find which bets. As well as an extensive overview of all sports available from the provider. It should be more than easy to navigate from A to B and Z. If it feels even a little stiff to browse through a gambling site, the provider has failed to provide a modern and user-friendly environment.

Ultimately, these are quite simple things that should be easy to arrange. What bets do you have open? Which ones did you win or lose? Can you still cancel bets or have them cashed out in advance?