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Georgina Drops Hint on Possible Retirement Date for Cristiano Ronaldo



Georgina Drops Hint on Possible Retirement Date for Cristiano Ronaldo

Model and Influencer Georgina Hints at Possible Retirement Date for Partner Cristiano Ronaldo, Following Recent Appearance at Paris Fashion Week

Georgina Rodríguez, the partner of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, made headlines at the Paris Fashion Week with her stunning appearance in a dress designed by the fashion house Vetements. The dress was inspired by Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United and featured a striking red colour with the player’s name at the top and his iconic number “7” beneath it.

Georgina embraced the “Blokecore” trend by pairing the dress with vintage or oversized football jerseys, creating a fashionable nod to her partner’s football legacy. During the event, Georgina engaged in conversations with several models, who were curious about Ronaldo’s retirement plans. The footballer celebrated his 39th birthday on the field of play, which prompted the models to inquire about his future plans.

Georgina revealed that Ronaldo’s retirement from football is imminent, stating: “One more year for Cristiano and then it’s over. Maybe two, I don’t know,” confirming that the footballer’s retirement is not too far off. From all indications, Cristiano Ronaldo has his eyes set on playing in the Euro 2024 and fulfilling his contract with Al-Nassr before deciding to renew or seek another club to end his illustrious football career.