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The Role of Football in the Evolution of Esports



The Role of Football in the Evolution of Esports

The Esports Market Surpasses $1.6 Billion with the US Leading the Way

While esports growth in general has been moderate, the last four years have really indicated change and progress for the market, with a global revenue increase of over 70% since 2019. Despite a major dip in profits over 2020, where the market lost around $10 million in profits, the industry has bounced back exceedingly well. Today, there are more sports sites available than ever, with many exciting themes, bonus and interactive content. Players can use BonusFinder Ireland to find the best esports bonuses available. 

One factor that is helping the esports market to thrive is the football industry’s involvement, in which many international football leagues are now investing in esports as they see opportunities to build, expand, and grow their own personal brands through it. 

Below, we’ll take a deeper dive into football’s role in the growth of the esports industry and how the relationship between the football industry and esports could be symbiotic. 

Why is the football industry getting involved in esports?

Esports is a large and fast-growing industry that has had a lot of success. However, it is also an industry that has had a lot of critique and can sometimes be viewed in a negative light. However, the football industry is now getting more involved than ever before. So, what exactly is the football industry gaining from investing in the world of esports? 

Exposure for football clubs

One thing that investment in esports provides for football clubs is exposure of their brand, leading to future growth. Many football teams rely on sponsorship partners to fund their club and activities, and getting involved in the world of esports means opening the door to new sponsorship partners who would have otherwise never been interested in sponsoring a football club. 

One example of this success is the partnership between Manchester CIty and gaming headset and audio accessory company, Turtle Beach. The deal means added income for the football club, while the team will wear Turtle Beach gear to promote the company in return. 

Reaching new market segments

While football is popular with every demographic group in general, football entering the esports world is helping to create new interest in the sports where otherwise people would not have been interested in watching it. In addition, investing in esports means team gain exposure in new parts of the world, expanding their reach from their local capacity to a more global one. 

As the next generation of kids and teenagers become more sophisticated and have more niche interests than previous generations, more needs to be done to keep football alive with these generations. By investing in esports, the football market is ensuring they stay current and relevant to future generations. 

Future footballers and football fans are being molded through gaming content

While many people in the world gain their football understanding and knowledge through real life games and even by playing the sport, there are many young people who otherwise would not have been exposed to football if it wasn’t for playing a game.

Games like NBA 2k, Madden NFL, and FIFA 19 that replicate the real life game are teaching younger generations how football works. Where grassroot football clubs cannot reach young people, the world of esports is creating not only new and future fans but new and future players too. 

It’s an affordable business venture

For now, investing in the world of esports is still a relatively cheap option for football clubs across the world. While this probably won’t be the case for long, while salaries of football players are one of the highest out of any industry, Most professional esports players, depending on the game, will earn $2,500 to $4,500 per month in salary, plus bonuses and benefits. This is a very affordable expense when comparing salaries to the likes of Renaldo, who earns $260 million a year. 

How is the esports world benefiting from the football industry’s involvement? 

While esports games like five-person shooter games and Battle Royale style games are highly popular, nothing has been as successful as real life sports games like NBA 2K League and Fifa. While football video games have been around for decades, there’s something different about esports football games that enable football fans to get more involved in the real life action than ever before. 

Overall, esports and football have developed one of the most successful symbiotic relationships in history. While football games have been around for decades, the merger of these two industries have been a game changer in shifting perceptions of esports and developing new consumer markets for the football industry too. Only time will tell where this relationship will lead.