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A Senior Advocate Has Revealed Why Obi Should Be Rest Assured That INEC Can Not Tamper With The BVAS



According to Afam Osigwe, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, the purpose of the legal struggle between the Labour Party and the INEC is to ensure that the BVAS data is not tampered with by the electoral commission.

The Senior Advocate has indicated an important reason why the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, can be certain that the election commission will not tamper with the data…..Continue Reading 

He added that if there is any suspicion that the results on the INEC server have been tampered with, the Court will order a forensic examination to see if the data has been altered by anyone.

He clearfied that the doubt from the Labour Party is justifiable within the premises of the fact that they suspected that the electoral commission was compromised in the last election. He did, however, say that the INEC wants to move forward with the remaining elections while the Labour Party fights the cases against them in court.

“The whole essence of this is that the Labour Party doubts INEC’s integrity in not tampering with the data on the BVaS,” he stated. INEC has gave assurance that this cannot be tampered with.

But, I believe Peter Obi and the Labour Party should be certain that INEC will not tamper with the BVAS. And if anyone tampers with that type of data, the court will require that forensics be utilized to find the culprit.

Therefore the INEC is attempting to ensure that the remaining elections will take place, while those who went to court are ensuring that the evidence is stored in such a way that it can be retrieved without disrupting the electoral process.”

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