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FC Barcelona Reports €1.259 Billion in Revenue for the 2022/23 Financial Year.



"FC Barcelona Reports €1.259 Billion in Revenue for the 2022/23 Financial Year."

Barcelona, in an official statement, has announced how much revenue the Spanish giants generated in the 2022/2023 football season.

La Liga champions Barcelona have confirmed how much was generated by the club in terms of profits and revenues in the 2022/2023 trophy-winning season amidst concerns about the club’s debt situation. The five-time UEFA Champions League winners announced that the club generated over 300 million euros in profits after tax deductions.

This increase in profit was a result of an increase in ticket sales, new sponsorship deals, the Barca Museum, and profits from the sales of the club’s merchandise.

The statement confirmed, “The FC Barcelona Board of Directors can report that the 2022/23 financial year has closed with a net profit of 304 million euros after taxes, a result higher than that approved in last season’s budget. During the 2022/23 season, FC Barcelona achieved, on a consolidated level, operating income of 1.259 billion euros with operating expenses of 1.165 billion euros. These results have been achieved in a season that will go down in history for the record operational figures in the commercial and venue operation sections. The club has made improvements in all lines of business, recording figures higher than expected in each of them. On a commercial level, with revenue of 351 million euros (+43% compared to the previous year), the club has obtained all-time record figures. The Sponsorship area practically reached 200 million euros and sales at Barça Stores amounted to 100 million euros, also an absolute record.”

An increase in profit should be expected at the end of the 2023/2024 season following the Champions League qualification of the club side as well.

Barcelona still faces disqualification from the competition after it was revealed that the La Liga holders are currently under investigation for bribing a referee for favourable officiating in one of the Champions League fixtures played by the club in the past.

The profit is however a huge boost for the club amidst concerns about their financial situation. Recall that players had to take pay cuts to remain at the club, but an increase in profits might mean better pay for the players and staff at Spotify Camp Nou.

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